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The charming historical town of Tulbagh is in the winelands of the Boland in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. Part of the Witzenberg municipal region, immediate neighbouring towns are Gouda, Wolseley, Ceres and Prince Alfred’s Hamlet. The valley was !rst discovered by European settlers in 1658 and land grants were made to 14 farming families in 1700. Cape Town is only 120km distant.
Wild Child Chardonnay 2010
An elegant wine with ripe apples and citrus blossom on the nose.
On the palate, dried orange peel and subtle nuttiness with full texture brought on by natural alcoholic and partial malolactic fermentation. Good balance, lingering aftertaste.
Yield - 520L/ton
Maceration - 8 hrs skin contact
Wood Maturation - 12 months third fill French Oak
Bottling - 29/07/2011
Maturation potential - 3/5 years
Wine Analysis
F SO2 : 28 mg/l
T SO2 : 146 mg/l
TA: 7.4 g/l
Alcohol: 14.31 %
Residual Sugar: 4.9 g/l
VA: 0.76 g/l
pH: 3.15
Zahir Syrah 2010
Very concentrated fruit, ripe black cherries, mulberry and white pepper tones.
Yield - 520L/ton
Maceration - 3 weeks pre fermentation, 30 days
post fermentation
Wood Maturation - 14 months second, third and
fourth fill French Oak
Bottling - 16/05/2011
Maturation potential - 5 years or more
Wine Analysis
F SO2 : 34 mg/l
T SO2 : 90 mg/l
TA: 6.8 g/l
Alcohol: 14.85 %
Residual Sugar: 2.3 g/l
VA: 0.60 g/l
pH: 3.44
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