Christopher Hof, the founder of Hof’s South African Wines is German born, but raised in Cape Town.

His family has been involved in hospitality for decades, owning and operating numerous well established restaurants. Continuing in the family tradition, he opened his first restaurant in Knysna South Africa, on the peninsular. At this point his interest in wine really took off, the matching of wine to food became somewhat of a passion. He began spending more time in and around his favourite vineyards, appreciating the beauty and subtlety of handcrafted wines, culminating in the vision of creating his own personal wine selection.

Onwards to London furthering his culinary skills, he worked for various establishments, the last being the Savoy Hotel on the Strand. The Lenbacher Palais in Munich, Germany followed. It was in Europe where the awareness of the lack of unconventional South African single vineyard wines became more apparent.
Thus began a journey back to South Africa, when he made contact with his old friends in the Cape. Ending in the Robertson Valley, where he started the Hof’s venture with his winemaker in creating some of the most unique wines the valley has to offer.

In 2009 his vision was launched in the first ‘Hof’s wine selection’.